I began studying astrology when I was seventeen, and was fortunate enough to meet David Cochrane in 1973.  He has been my astrological mentor ever since.  David is the premier designer and purveyor of astrological software in the world.  (Please visit the Cosmic Patterns website.)  I have been practicing astrology professionally since 1973.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Religion and am a member of Sirius Astrology Group of Gainesville, Florida.  If you are an area astrologer, or just interested in astrology, please check the website for information about our meetings.

Anyway, feel free to wander around the site and check out what's here.  There's new stuff all the time so, enjoy.
Be Blessed
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I have recently begun Irish dance, with a performance group called Inisheer  Irish Dance Company.  Check them out

Susan Hanburry